Canada Work Permit: All you need to know Updated!

Work is any activity that would be a valuable work experience for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You usually need a work permit to work in Canada. In some cases, you can work without a permit. There have been many changes made to the way a person must apply for a work permit in Canada. These new amendments to the foreign worker program are aimed at protecting both foreign workers from exploitation and the Canadian labor market. Find out more about how to get Canada work permit, the LMO, the processing time, and Canada work permit jobs

Canada Jobs

Usually, a job offer is required in order to obtain a Canada work permit. It can also help you obtain Canadian permanent residence, through an Arranged Employment Opinion. However, some categories do not require a job offer in order to obtain a Canada work permit. Furthermore, labor market opinions (LMOs) are also needed to grant one a Canada work permit. So how do the LMOs work?

Labor Market Opinions (LMOs)

Work permits in Canada most times require labor market verification, which is known as a Labor Market Opinion (LMO). When a person gets a positive LMO they can apply for a Canada work permit. Thus, when a Canadian work permit requires an LMO, the Canadian employer, will first advertise the position. The employer will also show that there are no Canadian permanent residents or citizens qualified to fill the position.

However, there are some advertising exemptions for categories of Canada work permits that require an LMO.

LMO Exemptions

Canada work permit that do not require an LMO include;

These categories are based on reciprocal treaties. It can also be based on the transfer of senior employees or individuals w preliminarily selected for Canadian permanent residence but have not yet received their visa.

Types of work permit

Basically we have two types of work permits. They are the open work permit and employer-specific work permit.

#1. Openwork permit

This type of permit allows the applicant to work in any place of their choice. They decide who they want to work for and what kind of job they are willing to do in Canada. However they cannot decide on jobs banned by the government of Canada. These jobs include; striptease, erotic dancers, escort services or erotic massages, etc.

#2. Employer specific work permit

With this work permit, you only get to work for a particular employer. Sometimes, this visa also comes with conditions like the type of job, where to work and even the duration of work.

Benefits of Canadian work permit

With a Canadian work permit, you can:

How to apply for Canada work visa

To apply for Canadian work visa, you must meet certain requirements which will be reviewed by the authorities. Applicants should also be able to convince the authorities that they will leave Canada at the expiration of their visa.

canada work permit processing

Eligibility requirements for work permit applicants

There are special requirements you need to meet depending on where you are when you apply for your Canada work permit. However, regardless of where you apply or which type of work permit you apply for, you must;

  • prove to the authorities that you will leave Canada when your work permit expires.
  • ensure that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay in Canada.
  • obey the law and maintain no record of criminal activity (a police clearance certificate might be requested).
  • not endanger Canada’s security;
  • have good health and have a medical examination.
  • not work for an employer listed with the status “ineligible” on the list of employers who failed to adhere to the conditions;
  • give the authorities any other documents they ask for to prove you can enter the country.

Anyone can apply for Canada work permit before they enter Canada. However, there may be visa office requirements that you need to meet depending on what country you’re applying from.

Eligibility for open work permit applicants

For open work applicants, you must also have a valid job offer while COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place.

Employer-specific work permit applicants

Your employer must have complete all of the steps required for your employer-specific work permit.

Mandatory quarantine/ COVID-19 testing

Before you travel to Canada, make sure you know the rules and what you need.

  1. Quarantine or isolation plan
  2. COVID-19 testing for travelers
  3. Requirements for flying to Canada
  4. Mandatory hotel stay for all air travelers

You may also need to take a medical exam before you can obtain your Canada work permit.

Other requirements needed for the application of Canada work permit

  1. A valid passport with 6 months validity from the planned date of arrival in Canada.
  2. Two recent passport-sized photographs.
  3. Educational qualification certificates.
  4. Proof of professional qualifications, including work experience.
  5. Proof of having adequate financial resources for cover of their expenses during their stay in Canada.
  6. Medical examination results from registered hospitals.
  7. Application fee.

Canada work Permit Processing Time (1-27 weeks)

Canadian work permit processing time has the longest processing time. The Canada work permit processing time totally depends on when you complete your application. Also, another factor is the office where you applied. Hence, it can take between 1-27 weeks to process a Canadian Work Permit.

However, due to the Covid19 restrictions the Canada work permit processing time can be extended.

With all the requirements made available not knowing how best to go through your Canada work permit application can cost you your dream of working abroad. Having a legal representative in Canada can be a big plus and will also facilitate your work visa application.

Having all the requirements, going through registered persons who will hasten the process and help you achieve your goals. They can also help with the renewal of your work permit. You can contact us to help you achieve this goal.

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