Manic- Halsey

 Manic- Halsey

Manic- Halsey Album Download

Halsey has finnaly released her third album titled “Manic”. The album was released on the 17th day of january, 2020. The album contains 16 songs which lasts for a duration of 47 minutes of which 6 of them has already been released as singles.

The songs contained in the album includes;

2clementine -0:29
3Graveyard 3:01
4You should be sad 3:25
5Forever … (is a long time) 2:47
6Dominic’s InterludeHalsey & Dominic Fike 1:16
83am 3:54
9Without Me 3:21
10Finally // beautiful stranger 3:41
11Alanis’ InterludeHalsey & Alanis Morissette 2:41
12killing boys 2:23
13SUGA’s InterludeHalsey, SUGA & BTS 2:18
14More 2:33
15Still Learning 3:31

Download ALBUM here


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